The name of OPTIONS UNLIMITED is a synonym for fulfilling your dreams. With a combination of passion and fascination, we stand for a total dedication to quality in all that we do, because that is our trademark. Who doesn’t want unlimited options in life? We believe in giving you exactly that when it comes to your need for wooden floors, be it interior or exterior.

Performance is a permanent feature of our life. Day after day, performance is demanded from us. Delivering performance on a daily basis requires solid ground beneath our feet. For us, the art of living is an appreciation of beauty and to create inspiration out of it at any moment in time.

We believe that floors have a measurable impact on how people experience the places in which they live, work and play – providing unique benefits to the end users, such as enhancing the feelings of comfort and well-being, security and confidence, or helping to inspire and motivate people to perform better. In their very own manner, they all contribute to improve the quality of life of those people who work, live or exercise in the environments, which OPTIONS UNLIMITED has contributed to shape

Who We Are

Options unlimited were established in year 2000 and are one of the best companies of floorings in India. The name guarantees high quality and high profiled service. The company is importer and distributor of the floorings in India.

It displays wide range of outdoor wood imported from Brazil, Weathertex Cladding Wood from Australia, Exotic and Engineered Floors (Wood Walk) & Laminates (Balterio) from Belgium, Europe and many more wooden flooring from China It has outstanding technical knowledge base. Dedicated and passionate sales support through which customer can easily reach to the product.

Why Options unlimited

Options unlimited carry with itself statement of elegance and style and bring one of the finest quality hardwood, engineered wood, Outdoor wood and laminate in the country. We work closely insyinced with the internalltionally accalaimed architects and and interiors designers and get the best designs out of them to serve the client. We offer the most technically advanced floorings in the industry to our customer as we have the best designs for them.

Our focus is on quick deliveries and best services. Our motto is to honor our word and keep our words no matter what.

Our Team